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Window decoration – 23 ideas that will make your choice easier

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Guide: How to choose the right window decoration?

Dressing the windows with beautiful fabrics results in an aesthetically pleasing and functional room look. They control the amount of light that enters the ambience. Furthermore, curtains or other window decoration should ensure privacy.

In other words: the window decoration has a huge potential! Take advantage of this! Turn your windows into great eye-catchers in your home!

In addition to interesting examples and practical tips, we also offer a systematic plan for this.

First determine your budget for it

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Start with what you can spend on the curtains. There are textiles, accessories and many materials of various price levels. Especially the “little things” can make the budget a lot more expensive at the end of the day. If you have a big budget in mind, be sure to prioritize.

Sometimes it pays off to invest in professional help. Because through these you can achieve better results with little money.

Hide or emphasize?

window decoration window decoration window decorate


You need to determine the effect that you want to achieve with the window decoration as follows. If you have simpler windows, you might want to put their frames more in the background. In other words, if you have beautiful window frames, you may want to emphasize these through the curtains. In both cases, you should consider the window decoration as a kind of applied art. Because she is one.

The room and the windows

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The interior design and decoration are of fundamental importance if we choose the right window design. In a formal dining room we need upscale-looking window decoration. It should be relatively expensive. This looks very different in a minimalist space. Here it has to be executed in one of the main nuances of the room and so practically disappear from view.

In a rough-looking room, the curtains serve to soften the general appearance.

Practical blinds

window decoration window decoration window design window decorate

If you are looking for a truly practical solution, then you should opt for blinds. These are made in many colors and made of different materials and they have great mechanisms to regulate the incoming light. They are not formal in nature, yet they are quite universal.

Traditional curtains

window decoration window decoration window decorate

The traditional curtains always look nice. Many people use them in parallel with other more practical solutions. Several people find the windows without them much too empty.

The biggest difficulty here is the appropriate selection of the substance. This must look nice, but also be pretty easy to maintain.

The best approach is to do a broader search and intuitively choose the right solution among them. Take your time before making a final decision.

Unique combinations

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Lately, the combinations of fine curtains and blinds are particularly popular. Experiment with different couples. The idea is to achieve the most dramatic room look possible.

The combinations of curtains and blinds offer a lot of variety in terms of functionality: thanks to these, they multiply the lighting levels in the room.

Colors and patterns

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The colors and patterns must, firstly, be well integrated into the interior design. But beware with the harsh nuances and shades. They could quickly fade by the strong light. Combine with a different type of sunscreen if you want to avoid it.

Keep thinking about the view from outside. The curtains or blinds could show different colors and patterns from both sides. So they beautify the views, which open up from both perspectives.

The size is important

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The decision on the length and width of the curtains is both functional and aesthetically important. For example, the kitchen is a practical space. Here we have a lot of exercise. That’s why it’s nice that kitchen curtains are short and practical.

In such spaces as the dining room and the living room we need a more formal look. Here, the curtains should preferably reach down to the ground.

The appropriate dimensions are of fundamental importance in all other rooms. Too small or too large curtains, too short or too long spoil the look of the whole room.

Fancy accessories

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Do not neglect the importance of accessories for window decoration. Designers offer more and more unusual variants. There are also some DIY ideas on the internet. You can thereby integrate wonderfully traditional curtains in a modern context.

Put on decorative accessories, if you want to do without curtains

window design fentser decoration fentser decorate

The wallpapers also play a certain role in the window decoration

curtains decorating window decorations window

Make a reading corner next to the window

decorating window window decoration decorate window

Make for an original and beautiful window decoration

decorating window window decorating window decoration

Window decoration – keep thinking about the view outside

window decoration window decorate window decoration

Beautiful flowers and indoor plants are preferred by many people as a window decoration

flowers window decoration window decoration window decorate

Window decoration – The traditional curtains always look beautiful

window decoration curtains ideas window decoration window decorate

Give an interesting room look through pattern curtains

decorate living room decorate fentserdeko window

Window decoration – Sometimes it pays to invest in professional help

window decorate window decoration window decoration

A creative window decoration with bookshelves

deco ideas window decorate window decoration window decoration

Window blinds as a decoration

window decorate window decoration window decoration

To achieve a perfect room setup, you should choose suitable curtains

window decorating curtains ideas window decoration

Decoration idea with window foil

Window decoration Window decoration Window decoration Window decorate

Make for contrast

window design window decoration window decorate window decoration


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