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Window film as a privacy screen and decoration for your home

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Install window film correctly

You can enjoy more comfort at home in the coming summer season by using window film , Have you already thought about it? Today we would like to give you some tips if you would like to accept them.

Make room for yourself!

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The first thing you need to do is free up more space. Remove any surrounding objects, including the curtains and any other window coverings. Also, you can bind some window curtains so that they do not get dirty, but also do not interfere with your work.

Clean windows properly

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Before you apply the window film, you should clean the windows properly. Take a close look and pay particular attention to the dirt at the various window positions – where there is dirt, remnants of plaster, paint, etc. If necessary, apply a little solvent for a while. This is absolutely necessary, especially with old window frames.

The lighter cleaning metodie

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A super method is spraying the glass with water and shampoo with PH 5.5 and then clean it with an appropriate instrument. You should be careful not to hit the sharp corners of the device against the edges of the window. This is because the compaction can be damaged. Also, the window could break. Hold the tool at an angle and the movements must go from top to bottom. This operation continues only until all the dirt has been removed. Window cleaning is so important, because when you apply the window film, even a particle can cause very big problems.

Now take a dry paper towel and wipe off the surface dirt and dust. For this purpose, you must carefully select materials that will not leave particles on the window. Without them, this part of the work makes no sense.

Preparing the foil for an assembly

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There are various systems by which one could remove the protective layer from the window film. Just before the final cleaning can be using a purpose-designed means to attach the film to a neighboring window so that the protective layer is turned to one. Then you should just wipe the rod, remove the protective layer and attach the film to the target light opening. The liquid used for wrinkling must be affixed abundantly to both the window and the film. So the assembly works very easily and quickly. The risks of damaging the window film are reduced to a minimum. The window film is made of very easily destructible materials and is therefore when mounting caution.

Attaching the window foil

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Spray the window film attachment solution liberally. No dry spots may be allowed. Because otherwise the foil would stick to it for the time being. Ideally, if everything goes well, it should be easy for the window film to stick and then be easily moved to the desired position.

Cut the foil at the corners

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You should use a suitable cutting tool so that you can attach the corners and edges of the foil as well as possible. It is very important that you spray spray into the corners and edges after they have already been covered with the foil.

If there is a possibility that you bring the film under the frame, then you should definitely take this. Such a thing would secure the window against breakage.

Pushing off the water

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After you have the film attached to the appropriate shape and size, spray the windows with a little water solution again. Do so only from the side that faces the interior of the room. Then use the tool to move through the entire surface with even movements and also with a pressure.

The wide side of the tool should now be wrapped with a paper towel. From a distance of 15 cm, bring the tool so equipped to the window and slide out the liquid.


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Now you should do a kind of inspection to see if everything has been done right. If possible, you should look at everything inside and out. So you will be sure that you have missed nothing. Irregularities you should try to discover as soon as possible. If you act immediately, you can remove them faster and more effectively.

Great ideas for window film

deco ideas window decoration window film privacy protection furnishing ideas

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decorating window opaque window film furnishing ideas

Choose a slide that works well with your interior

deco ideas window film decor furnishing ideas window decoration

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furnishing ideas window film privacy protection deco ideas living ideas

Find that this idea is a great accent

window deco ideas furnishing ideas window film sunscreen

Stick the foil to the middle of the window

window film decorate furnishing ideas deco ideas window

Decorate bathroom window with shell motifs

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A vintage window decoration

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