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Window Sill Deco – bringing the colors of nature home with plants

windowsill decor room flowers potted plants decorate window

Window sill decoration only from plants

Do you already feel a strong yearning for green nature? Do not worry! More than half of winter is already over. Soon spring is coming and soon after is summer. But you do not have to wait that long to enjoy more nature. You can already do something to invite more summery mood home.

You can give the plants in your interior design more meaning. For example, you could make it beautiful Fensterdeko do. These beautiful green plants just look fabulous at the window.

Low key green

kitchen window decorate decorating window sill decor

In minimalistic or e.g. Shabby chic style you should rather forego the bright nuances. If there are flowers at all, then they should be white or very bright.

Modern planters

decorating window sill decorating window

Should the green windowsill deco necessarily match the modern character of your interior? In this case, you have two main options. Either your plants should have a sculptural character. Or you should get very modern planters. Of course, the effect of combining both methods is most effective.

DIY window decoration with plants

decorate window sill deco decoration window

Do you feel like a DIY project again? What about some home-made plant containers for your window decoration? This could be used a variety of items that we already do not need.

Hanging flowerpots as window decoration

decorating window decorating windowsill decorating houseplant

Would you like something more attractive for your window decoration? Put on hanging hanging baskets. They provide a sense of privacy in the room and simply look much more attractive and original than the usual solutions.

Play with the height of the plant pots

decouples indoor plants potted plants window decors

When you decorate the windowsill, you might want to look at them like the surface of a chest of drawers. There are some typical approaches to arranging the objects on it. Of primary importance is the amount of each article. Take a look at different successful variants below. They all gain their charm and individuality through the creative handling of the height of the various objects.

Fresh herbs are just a must in the kitchen

decorate window sill deco deco flat

Do you want to be as practical as possible in window decoration? Do you love the beautiful fresh look and the great fresh herbal scent? If so, then you might like the following examples. This is especially true for people who like to be in the kitchen.

Your window decoration may consist of different spices. They spread beautiful, healing senses fragrances and pamper you with their fresh, green appearance.

Put the decoration in front of or next to the window

windowsill decor home plants pictures deco tips

The green decoration does not just have to be distributed on the windowsill. It can also be located on the ground. Suitable in this case are higher decorative houseplants. Combine with the flowerpots on the windowsill. So you make an interesting sight, which changes depending on the season.

The plants are always a beautiful sight

potted plants houseplant room decorating tips

These beautiful green plants just look fabulous at the window

decoration window decorate window decoration room flowers

A small bouquet of flowers provides more color and good mood

decorating window decorating room window sill deco

The green window sill deco does not only look good inside

window decorating house plants pictures tips

Invite a summery mood through flowering house plants to your home

decorating room window sill deco window decorate

Green plants bring liveliness to every room

decorate houseplant window decorate

Your window decoration may consist of different spices

indoor plants pictures window bench decor deco tips

This decoration idea is much more attractive and original

room plants window sill deco window decoreiren

Combine beautiful plants with interesting decorative items

windowsill decorating window decorating tips

Create more room atmosphere through the combination of different plant colors

room flowers decoration tips window decorators

A special flower stand for the windowsill

window decorating room windowsill window deco

Arrange a nice decoration in front of the window

window decoration decorating room flowers window decoration

The bright green plant color is a nice contrast

decorate window deco window sill decor

Let’s come up with something original

decoupages potted plants window sill deco

The flower container made of glass ensures a seamless appearance

deco tips home plants pictures window decorating

A great window decoration for Christmas

# window decoration christmas febsterbank decor deco tips

decorating windowsill decorating window decorate

houseplant windowsill deco tips

potted window decor window decoration

room flowers windowsill decor tips

decorating room flowers window decorating windowsill deko

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