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Window Sill Deco – Stylish decoration ideas for the windowsill

Beautiful home decorating windowsill

Transform the character of your house by an absolutely new window sill deco

What do you want to do with transforming your home this spring? How about a completely new Window sill decoration out? Does this seem premature to you? If so, then we want to strongly contradict you.

The windowsill decoration can be very different. In some cases, the functional element plays an essential role. In others, on the other hand, you can spice up the room wonderfully with a colorful accent. This means the frame and the bench of the windows.

Plants on the windowsill are most often seen

beautiful home decor window sill decorate brick wall

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window sill decorate flowers deco

Put a table lamp on the windowsill

beautiful home decor windowsill decorate plant table lamp

Arrange books

windowsill decor books arrange plant

Spring flowers as windowsill Decoration

Do you like the spring flowers? Then plant them in glasses on the windowsill. You will feel good because of the abundant light. The apartment will look very good too.

Beautiful spring flowers are a great choice for the decoration of the windowsill

windowsill decorating ideas flowers tulips

Black and white deco and mirror effects

Also with flowers and related decoration in black and white is our next example of today. But you could also take other items in this classic nuanced combination.

Fallen flowerpot at the window

windowsill deco white silver plants

Essential is the ability to interact with the light and the various mirror effects. All kinds of metallic objects, whether in the form of plant containers or other objects are very appropriate.

DIY and love at the windowsill

Do you have a beautiful city view and would you like to use it to create the perfect romantic atmosphere? Then we have this great DIY project for you!

It works wonderfully in connection with the lamps of a city ambience or with other festive lights out there

windowsill deko original inspiring idea

Super functional and beautiful at the same time

The windowsill decoration can look very functional and beautiful at the same time. You can turn this area into a great work or rest zone.

Here’s a great example from the study. The place, which would otherwise be difficult to use, looks great here. All that was needed was to change it through a simple bank. Due to the white color, it seems like it grew out of the window sill. On top of that and against the background of the light, all objects look like great accents.

A workplace by the window

windowsill deko workplace design home ideas

If you opt for such a solution and sometimes give direct light in the window, then consider using curtains. For children, a kind of division of the work area is less suitable. The little ones will be distracted by the view to the outside very much.

The windowsill decoration can also be combined with a suitable function. Some pillows for sitting and leaning can do wonders in this area.

Sofa and throw pillows on the window – make yourself comfortable!

beautiful living ideas windowsill recreation corner sofa

Nice recreational corner created by the window

Take advantage of beautiful living ideas window sill

On the windowsill you could keep different objects

beautiful home ideas windowsill tulips storage room

Especially in lofts, this leads to a generous expansion of the room.

Or you could just pile up some throw pillows there, which you could occasionally bring to the sofa on a major visit. Great we find the combination here with the flower vases. Just make sure the pillows do not fade too quickly by the light.

Numerous throw pillows

window sill decor drapery throw pillow plant

Spread the chosen style of the room even more

If you have decided on a striking style in the room, which still has a lot of details in it, then the sill is an important platform for its emphasis. There you could further emphasize them with souvenirs, accessories, DIY projects and color. Here are some great examples of this kind.

Inspiring decorative items that are reminiscent of the sea

window sill deco decorating exhibit beautiful living ideas

Candles for a romantic atmosphere

windowsill deco candles plants beautiful living ideas

Decoration that creates a rustic look

window sill deco stylish candles books plant

Arrange several plant pots next to each other

beautiful living ideas living room window sill decor

Create a unique little garden

Beautiful home decorating planting windowsill

A workplace designed in this way can lead to better results

beautiful living ideas windowsill take advantage of workplstz created

This windowsill is especially tastefully designed

windowsill decorating decorative flowerpots

Original decoration

windowsill decorate beautiful decoration ideas

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