With these decoration ideas you make your home like the professionals

“How do we achieve a dream look in our house?” Sounds like an individual question. Is she in a sense too? At the same time there are some rules that apply almost always and practically in all circumstances. They are of importance both at a first establishment, as well as in the transformation of a room or apartment.

Today it’s about the decoration ideas, as well as the basic rules we should keep in mind when selecting and implementing them.


The first thing to consider when decorating your home is to strike a balance between all available space. Let’s start with the wall color. It should be chosen to blend in with the shades of the rest of the premises. This means that together with them, they make up a nice unified concept. This principle also applies to all other factors.

Elegant decoration ideas for more harmony in the room

decorating living room furnishings upholstered furniture wrought iron coffee tables marble sofas furniture

The style of the decoration ideas

Let’s take the style of Decorating ideas next. First, the style of each room should be well-colored in the common context. If you choose more than one style, you need to be extra careful.

All selected styles could have something in common with each other.

In addition, they should all refer to the rest of the interior design ideas in the apartment on their own.

Get into your favorite style!

decorating flat decorating crystal chandelier living room upholstered furniture rococo style

furniture furnishing

In the modern interior, the furniture almost always have a decorative value. As it should be understood, these are the elements that take the most of the burden of designing. I find it particularly important that there is a balance between them.

With regard to the decorative value, the fabrics of the furniture have a particularly great importance. Their texture and color should be wonderful in the chosen style.

Natural materials and neutral colors bring more peace and coziness

decorating apartment furnishing sofa coffee table sisalppich wood cabinet throw pillow

Light and accessories

The light and the accessories give the final look of a room. First, they must be selected to emphasize the particular value and individuality of the interior design style. Furthermore, the main role of the light should not be neglected.

Combine different light sources

decoration living room dining room recessed wooden floor coffee table sofa armchair floor tile

Reinterpreted classic furniture design

deco ideas bedroom ideas metal bed designer furniture

Play with colors

deco ideas wall paint salmon wise wall shelves leather chair floor lamp

A home office to fall in love with

decorating flat furnishing study room arch lamp wall shelf wooden table high pile carpet

Light blue and old gold – an unbeatable duo

decorating apartment set up chandelier round dining table wooden chairs

Subtle green for more relaxation and balance

decoration apartments set up open plan dining room living room fireplace

Introduce more mysticism into your home with Far Eastern flair

decorating apartment furnish sofas throw pillow dekovasen

Clear lines and natural tones in the living room

decorating flat decorating living room library bright wood round side table

Puristic living style also for the nursery

decorating children's room purist set up sisalteppich

Refresh your bedroom with a few color accents

decorating home decor bedroom decorating bed leather pouf patterned wallpaper

Are you in the boho style?

decoration living room set up retro style sofa armchair carpet

Or do you prefer it a bit more traditional?

deco living room furniture retromobel upholstered furniture armchair couch

Basically, less is often more!

decorating living room decor rustic style linen natural wood


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