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Wood Tiles – Take advantage of the warmth and beauty of the wood

wood tile patio armchair sofa stool low table

Wooden tiles for outdoor and indoor use

The wall design is an important part of the interior design. And the tiled wall cladding makes the walls look livelier. Without tiles, these sometimes seem boring, especially if you have not selected the appropriate shade. Today we propose you to put on wood tiles or tiles with wood texture.

This brings your apartment closer to nature.

There are different possibilities for floor design, but wood is extremely stylish

floor tiles wood tiles design deco

Through wood tiles you can create a great accent wall

wooden tiles living room wall tiles design shelf wall round table


wood tiles are a perfect decision for the floor design on balconies, terraces or for the seclusion of a relaxation area in the garden. Their application is not exhausted only in it! These are beautiful also in the interior design, you will be convinced by looking at our picture gallery!

The wooden tiles have given the bathroom a rustic look

bathroom tiles wall tiles floor tiles hanging pictures

Wooden tiles that have been laid so that the wall is not a smooth surface

attractive wooden tiles decorating living room walls

In many cases it is wood look, not real wood tiles, but the end effect you achieve in the end is impressive! Especially in the bathroom, this is a nice interior solution, because the wood texture creates a feeling of warmth, coziness and comfort.

Unsymmetrical tiles with wood look

tiles wood look wanfliesen bathroom white bathtub

Modern bathroom with wall and floor tiles with wood texture

modern bathroom wall tiles floor tiles wood look inspirational bathtub

Bath tiles with light gray wood texture

bathroom bathroom tiles wall tiles floor tiles wood look

Attractive wall design of the dining room

wall design tiles wood look effective elegant

Is not that a nice wall design of the kitchen?

kitchen wall tile wood texture white work surface

Wooden floor tiles and wooden bath furniture pieces

wood tiles bathroom light gray soft carpet

Ceramic tiles and wooden tiles combine

wooden tiles bathroom tiles wall design sink storage basket

The white kitchen cabinets correspond very well with the wooden tiles, do not you think?

wooden tiles kitchen design bright floor tiles wall tiles

A bathroom with a nice floor

wooden tiles bathroom modern design elegant bathtub

Brown wall tiles in the bathroom with a subtle wooden texture

bathroom wall tiles wood look bathroom tiles combine

Wooden floor tiles for terrace design

wooden tiles balcony shape beautiful living outside area

Modern kitchen with wooden floor

kitchen floor tiles wood look design kitchen island white dining table

And finally, we have chosen a beautiful accent wall in the living room that may impress you ?!

wooden tiles living room wall design attractive white sofa


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