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Wooden floor designs that are currently in vogue

Wooden floor designs that are currently in vogue

Hardwood floor has always been a classic in many homes. Contrary to popular belief, parquet floors come in many different colors, styles and even textures. With so many options to choose from, we’ve reduced them to 10, which will work well in all areas of the home. The following designs are not only up-to-date but also a good choice for all areas of your home.

Distressed wide planks

Holzboden-Designs, die derzeit im Trend liegen
Because they are available in many different colors, wide wooden planks are versatile enough to work in all areas of the home. Especially in the room that you want to have added a touch of modern. The key is to keep the decor minimal for the modern feel .

Wide planks have gained in popularity due to their beauty and smaller seams. The floor is excellent if you want a completely different atmosphere in a room that still feels fresh. They come in different shades.


Holzboden-Designs, die derzeit im Trend liegen
Pine is the lighter version of hardwood floors, which is great if you want a bit of an older atmosphere in your home while at the same time simply decorating the space. You may want to match your floors to the other pieces of wood in the room you use it in a coherent look.

Pine wood floors are typically seen in older homes. However, there is an environmentally friendly aspect. They also add a vintage almost historical fact to any room where they are seated while still feeling luxurious.

Maple plank

Holzboden-Designs, die derzeit im Trend liegen
The beauty of using maple planks in the ladies’ room is their slim appeal. They are elegant, good together and look luxurious, especially in a weight room or in an area that needs a small upgrade. Also combine it with colors that emphasize the color scheme of the room.

Maple gives a room a beautiful, richer color and atmosphere. It’s a bit sexy to have maple back in your house. If you are interested in maple flooring, but do not know in which area of ​​your home you would like to use it, remember to have it in your guest toilet. They will appear elegant and joined together while not interfering with your decor. A ladies’ room is best as they usually have no shower.

Red Oak

Holzboden-Designs, die derzeit im Trend liegen
Do not be fooled by the name – the red oak flooring is suitable for all kinds of decorative styles. The nice thing is the red undertones. The red undertones highlight all the other wooden items in the house and bring the whole decor together. Combine it with other lighter shades for a modern touch.

Red Oak is one of the most popular parquet options because it works with any interior design style. The red shades give the floor a special complexity and at the same time make it resistant to natural wear and tear. This type of flooring is ideal for high traffic areas of the home.

old wood

Holzboden-Designs, die derzeit im Trend liegen
The kitchen may seem to be the last place you want to place wood because of the usual food stains and so on. Once sealed, however, you have a clean palette that works for the entire house. There’s only a hint of farmhouse appeal that gives them the perfect kitchen floor.

The beauty of old wood is that it has a classic atmosphere that works in every area of ​​the house. It brings warmth but beauty and has a calming effect on the room. Old wood is beautiful, even in the bathroom, when it is sealed for the room. Since I have something coastal about this type of flooring.

Ebonized wood

Holzboden-Designs, die derzeit im Trend liegen
Emonized wood is perfect for the whole house as it is easy to clean! That makes them top notch and an excellent option for parents or rooms that are a lot of traffic. If you add them, you can keep the room clean and coherent. This is also an excellent option to use all throughout the house.

Ebonized wood is an excellent way to give a room a luxurious character. This flooring is best when it is in a neutral or softer room because it is so bold. They are also easy to clean, which is great for a room that gets traffic often.

cherry wood

Holzboden-Designs, die derzeit im Trend liegen
Cherry wood is one of those versatile woods that just flow through the house. It has a wealth and a luxurious feeling that only makes you want to have it anywhere in the house. Combine this rich floor with bright shades for a contrast between the two that brings the room to life.

If you want an exotic touch to your home, cherry wood would be the perfect option, especially if you use Brazilian cherry wood. The different dimensions in cherry wood open up a completely different level than your decor options.


Holzboden-Designs, die derzeit im Trend liegen
Eucalyptus wood has not been seen often, but it will be adopted in 2018 for its environmental friendliness. They are simple, easy to clean and easy on the environment. It is an excellent choice for a house that needs a breezy touch or even a beach house.

Eucalyptus is an excellent trendy parquet floor option because it is eco-friendly, easy to decorate and reasonably priced. For an elegant feel-couple eucalyptus floor with patterned or all-white decor. This will completely improve the feeling of the house.


Holzboden-Designs, die derzeit im Trend liegen
If you are looking for a unique flooring, then this is the perfect choice, as all grain is naturally part of the flooring. Combine it with different woods for this intricate touch that just contracts everything. This is the perfect way to preserve your openness with a strong wood feel that is still modern.

Douglas Fir plank flooring invites you to feel comfortable and inviting. The detailing in the floor covering adds to the grainy look, which gives a room in the simplest form a stylish touch.

Bleached wood

Holzboden-Designs, die derzeit im Trend liegen
If you love a clean palette that is white and simple, modern bleached wood floors are just what you need. The simple yet clean aspect of this type of flooring brings everything together. Combine with pieces that beautify the space and give the flooring the shine it deserves.

Wood does not always have to be “wooden”, it can sometimes be light and easy at home. Bleached wood is an excellent way to make parquet floors modern. This type of flooring works well outdoors as well.


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