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Wooden palisades for an even more beautiful garden design

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Beautiful garden design with wooden palisades

Does the garden create a beautiful picture in your eyes, which a talented artist has created? Is not that just a nice statement to be true?

Because you always remember the starting point. There was hardly anything there, but slowly the floor plans were being developed, the symmetry, the system of garden paths, the plants selected, arranged in a proper relationship to each other.

At some point you also integrated the wonderful wooden palisades.

The role of the palisades

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It is no coincidence that a whole science has developed and a genre has arisen in the art of building the gardens in a great and structured way. The structure really enhances the garden and its beauty. You need the determining big lines, but also the very small restrictions. These come in the form of palisades. The selection of the material is very important. For palisades can be made of wood or plastic. We advocate the selection of natural materials, because they ensure that the whole look of the garden can look much more harmonious and uniform. And naturally close to nature!

About the small frame

beetumrandung wood wooden palisades garden ideas garden decor

So we are looking at the wooden palisades as small frames. They are invisible to the extent that they look like they have grown out of the earth. At the same time you create a great setting, which is clearly noticeable. This brings the garden design to a higher level. Everything is well organized and structured.

The many different variants

polisaden wood garden ideas holzpolisaden garden design ideas

There are many different variations and approaches to segregate a small corner or flower area and formally plan in the best way possible. We can not all discuss here individually, but would like to give you an insight into this topic.

Different heights

beeteinfassung holz holzpalisaden garden ideas garden framing

The first thing you should remember about wood palisades is that you should be playful with them. You can and should treat yourself with a lot of creativity. Consider, for example, that you can playfully handle the different heights. This way, you can, firstly, provide an interesting hub and, in addition, adjust the area to existing ground differences.

Typical elements and additional supports

wooden palisade beetumrandung wood garden decoration palisade wood

The typical wooden palisade consists of medium and small wooden posts. These are arranged vertically and very close to each other. But sometimes you also use additional support elements. The height of this palisade ranges from a few centimeters to a meter.

The easier way

picket-wood-garden ideas-wood palisade-Gartendeko

There are many reasons why you should build a wooden palisade in the garden house. Among other things, it makes it easier for us to encompass the growth of the plants in one setting. So you just keep your structure easier. The whole thing looks nice too.

The care

Beeteinfassung wood palisade wood holzpalisaden

Wood has to be edited appropriately to show sustainability. You need to work it appropriately so that the surface remains stable. There are many modern techniques. You can also easily buy a sustainable ready-made solution in the specialist market.

The wooden palisades in the garden also look good as a decorative element

garden ideas wooden palisades landscaping ideas palisades wood

Surround the green meadow with wooden palisades

wooden palisades landscaping ideas palisades wood gatrenideen

How do you like this garden design?

beeteinfassung wood wood palisades garden ideas palisades wood

Even with bamboo you can surround your plants

palisades wood garden ideas holzpalisaden garden gestalten

Ensure the longevity of the wooden palisades through proper care

garden shape wood palisades garden ideas palisades wood

Use the old palisades again

palisades wood garden decoration holzpalisaden garden ideas

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