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Wooden walls – current housing trends for 2018

Wooden walls are a traditional element in the interior design. They can also be a modern one if they are adapted to the current living trends. Within these, they would have to be a reflection of our personality. In addition, they should give an adequate response to the needs of modern inhabitants. A deeper understanding of the role of natural materials in modern design is needed so that they are properly staged. As is to be understood in the case of wood, we declare the same. Stay with us!

This bathroom would not seem so cozy without the wooden wall

Accent behind a dressing table furnishing wooden walls

Wooden walls as accents for more coziness

More and more, modern people feel a need to revert to their roots and traditions. However, it’s not about having them completely dominated again. Rather, it’s about synthesizing the best of it and incorporating it into the modern lifestyle.

Translated in the language of home design, that means using natural materials often for accentuation. They are therefore used in smaller quantities and at strategic locations.

Modernity and wooden walls go well together

interior wood walls accent behind the media wall

Modern luxury

Currently you can see the luxury no more than a privilege for a select group of people. This becomes accessible to the larger groups. However, it is mixed with other modern styles. A luxury piece of furniture or such a device should contribute less to the demonstration of a social status and more to the cosiness in the ambience. Furnishings and furniture made of fine wood are ideal in the context of these living trends.

Recycling is a trend in wood design

Accent wall made of natural materials to set up wooden walls

DIY projects and recycling

We need our forests more than ever before. Especially the traditional ones, which actually supply all types of wood. Wooden walls and other equipment made of this material are therefore produced on the basis of recycling. DIY projects are hot. That’s part of the job of many designers. From this you can draw inspiration for your own projects.

Wooden walls are a great solution for some monochrome furnishing concepts

furnishing wooden walls radiating from luxury

Wooden walls for modern monochrome designs

There are some tricks that allow you to use an interior design regardless of the style of the furniture modernity can breathe. You can reach this, for example by doing so if you use clean lines and monochrome color palette. So the design looks seamless and modern. Wooden walls combined with decor in brown and other earthy shades can give a very warm yet contemporary interior.

Wooden walls make cool rooms more comfortable

interior wood walls exposed constructions

Make large and cool rooms cozy

Coziness and security should make your own home an oasis. This corresponds to the current lifestyle trends. The wooden walls are a universal solution with which you can quickly achieve this effect. This way, cool-looking and very wide rooms look warm and inviting. You are on the safe side: wood always arrives well and never goes out of fashion! So let your creativity run free and develop your very own great design with wooden walls.

Wood makes very wide rooms look inviting

furnishing wooden walls large and high room

Some wall coverings made of wood carry a very current character

interior wood walls larger living room

The combination of wooden wall and mirror looks very spectacular

interior wood walls colonial style

Great interpretation of the rural Provence style, right?

interior wood walls rural kitchen equipment

Seamless design with wooden walls! Just fabulous!

interior wood walls modern design

interior wood walls room separation bar

furnishing wooden walls completely customize the bedroom

furnishing wooden walls many warm shades

furnishing wooden walls white and brown

Bathrooms with wooden walls are no exception!

Furnishing rustic bathroom wood walls

faceted room interior wood walls

Set wooden walls for a modern design

Wood walls set up a bright room

Rough and gray walls in wood can look so appealing

Set wooden walls in gray and white

Wooden walls furnish modern zen bath

Wood walls set up great design

Wood walls furnish great historic roof

Why not access the wood for garage design?

Wood walls super original garage set up

wood walls great decor Scandinavian style

set up with wood walls modern and original

modern bedroom interior wood walls

rough reustikales bedroom wood walls furnish

Wooden walls are a great base if you want to spread exotic mood

warm arrangement of a kitchen wood walls

living room furnishing wooden walls sloping roof

living room with fireplace furnishing wooden walls


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