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Youth room for boys – Create the perfect ambience for your son

youth room for boys fashion yellow wall paint bed toys

Youth room for boys – What are the young men longing for?

Some parents find it difficult to accept the adulthood of their children. But the truth is this: that Nursery from a boy is the small projection of the future bachelor apartment.

From this perspective, the room design must be seen.

One of the first actions the children would do at this moment is to put up a sign on which it is written: Access forbidden!

Probably they will also hang posters of their favorite football stars, which he supports, and they will probably also make up the centerpieces in the room.

The youth room is a place where the youthful enthusiasm and the heroic world are illustrated. The costs are not always of key importance. You can make a fascinating room with little and with a lot of money.

So if your son is ready to have his own room, then you should share some ideas with him and see the light that comes to his face when he sees the results together.

Most people immediately start preparing the nursery when they understand whether it is a girl or a boy.

The parents here have opted for a nautical theme, as you can see it very clearly on the dark blue walls. All the more, the effect has been reinforced by painting the cabinets in the same shade.

His own place: the first living room of your boy

youth room for boys shape wall paint blue closet dresser

Take advantage of the time when the son has no opinion yet to create a wonderful nursery to your liking. The combination of charcoal and yellow here is both very masculine and adorable. It is reinforced by the mixture of stripes and camouflage. Nothing would be the same without the lime green blanket, right?

Select the matching wallpapers

teens room for boys wall mural baby room gray


What a wonderful room for boys who love the adventure. The colors are soft and bold at the same time. Here, the colors are the primary decoration. The stripes and nuances will promote the boy’s intellectuality.

funny wall decals in the children’s room

youth room for boys fashion wall paint blue green wall decals

Let’s take a look at the next one together Nursery of a boy at. Here you have used a lot of color and a lot of vision for the future. The only patterns added to the scheme are through the pillows. You can also add more, but that’s not necessary.

Fancy color?

Youth room for boys frame wallpaper wall mural colorful

Do you have a boy who likes to build and project? Then you might think of a Lego board. She is colorful and very creative. The white, horizontal stripes surround the room and will work beautifully together with the rest of the shades.

A headboard made of Lego bricks

youth room for boys fashion wall paint lego lego parts headboard

Let’s talk a little bit about colors on the wall. Take a look at the vibrant green here. The blue and white stripes on the closet and the deep blue ceiling compliment a winning look.

Colors help you to create a lively atmosphere

youth room for boy shape wall paint bright green wood palette headboard

Here you have the same colors used in a different way. Just the green is the shade that has been widely used. So the whole thing seems soothing and looks comfortable.

In a boy’s room you can not go wrong with stripes

youth room for boys fashion wall paint green blue stripes sports fan

You can make the room of a boy wonderful even after an exciting theme. The boy here loves sailing. Here the bed was designed according to this theme. You may find a local manufacturer who picks up and executes this idea.

Youth room in maritime style

youth room for boys design wall paint white blue stripes music posters

An exceptional bed in the form of a boat

youth room for boys wall mural blue maritime white blue

Surely someone in the next room had an incredible effort to create this design. The blackboard, the bed in the cabin and the staircase, which is a great temptation for the little ones, must have caused many parents a headache. But the joy that the child feels is certainly worthwhile.

Fire engine bunk bed

youth room for boy design wall wallpaper fire engine

The next example is super handy. If you have a child who is constantly looking for things and can not keep order in a normal closet, then the boxes here are a wonderful solution. The boxes can also be labeled.

Youth room for boys in a rustic style

youth room for boys fashion wood surf rustic colorful

Here’s a wonderful example of reuse and recycling. Have you ever thought about using the old car or the old truck at home? Here’s a wonderful way to do it.

Maybe your son dreams of becoming a truck driver

youth room for boys shape truck lorry bed

The flags of the team are a gorgeous decoration. They are a not very expensive and chic way by which you can decorate the new room. First, they are colorful and you can connect them with many other color palettes and secondly – the boys will never be too grown for them.

Boys are passionate sports fans

youth room for boys fashion baseball game bedding wall decor

Do you have a baseball fan at home? This is a very funny piece of furniture and behind the letters there are drawers, which are very functional and represent nooky niches. Here, good friends will play together comfortably.

Does your son have preferences for a particular sport?

youth room for boy shape green fresh baseball establishment

“Cool” is the perfect choice for boys between the ages of 11 and 25. The black walls and minimalist decoration make the whole thing bold and mature.

Men just like it

youth room for boys fashion wall paint black white plain

Sometimes the kids come home after the collage for a few years. Then you often need an item that arouses a lot of confidence in those who then directs the theme of the rest of the design. A poster like this one certainly meets the expectations of the young man and will also delight mom and dad when they return to the room.

A large wall poster depicts the dreams of young men

youth room for boys fashion photo wallpaper plane minimalist

The writing on the wall here says it all: It’s a firm statement and shows that this is the place where the boys can show their true personality.

Let your boy become a grown man

youth room for boys design wall deco order wood cabinet

We wish you and your son much fun in the design of this wonderful space.

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